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The Novice-Monks in Myanmar have quite an easy-going life. They only have to keep 10 Buddhist precepts, a fully ordained monk has 227 precepts. Young novices are allowed to play football, watch TV, play video games and have fun, which is great to see, because all in all they are just normal kids. On the other hand, a monk's life can be very tough: sleeping in a dormitory, waking up very early, washing with cold water, studying a lot and always subject to strict discipline.<br />
Novices have to learn a lot, and the learning doesn't stop -- even for a fully ordained monk. First they have to learn the Pali language in order to gain access to the Buddhist scriptures. Pali is also frequently chanted in a ritual context. The other focus of the study is to learn the way of Buddhism. Sometimes, if the monks attend a monastic school or a scripting center, they also get the opportunity to learn English, Mathematics and Physics. And the brightest of the young monks will probably attend the Buddhist University in Yangon to study Buddhism for many additional years.